Parenting Classes

There are currently 4 providers approved by the 8th Judicial District to offer the Court ordered parenting classes that meet the Court’s requirements for parenting classes.  You can find the current list at, Courts, Trial Courts by District, 8th Judicial District, Court Business Resources, Parenting Class Providers and review the Statewide list of Parenting Classes by County Name or Judicial District.  As of July 2017, the approved providers for the 8th Judicial District are:

  • Online Parenting Programs, Carson City, Nevada,, (866) 504-2883, $29.99-$99.99 for online classes (ranging from 4-12 hours), offers co-parenting and high conflict classes
  • Front Range Counseling, LLC/Parents Working Together, Fort Collins,, (970) 207-1369, $32.50 for online class, $50.00 for 3.5 hour in-person class offered 1st Friday of each month from 9AM-12:30PM, only offers co-parenting classes (no high conflict classes offered) 
  • New Beginnings Co-Parenting Classes, Castle Rock,, (303) 706-9424, $65.00 for online class (co-parenting), $80 for in-person co-parenting class offered various Mondays, Wednesdays-Fridays each month beginning at 1:15PM, $200 for in person high conflict class offered various Mondays, Wednesdays-Fridays each month beginning at 1:15PM
  • Parenting after Divorce/Separation Wholeness Center, Fort Collins, (970) 221-1106,, $75.00 for in person class offered 1 weekday each month from 5PM-7PM and 1 weekend each month on Saturday from 9AM-11AM, offers co-parent and high conflict classes

All providers except Parenting after Divorce/Separation Wholeness Center offer online classes. All providers except Front Range Counseling LLC/Parents Working Together also provide a high conflict class.  Online Parenting Program and New Beginnings Co-Parenting Classes offer classes in Spanish.  Parenting after Divorce/Separation Wholeness Center offer classes in Spanish upon request for a $90.00 fee

You do not need to attend the parenting class with the other Party.  Once you complete the course, you will need to obtain the completion certificate for the parenting class.  You are responsible for filing the certificate with the Clerk of Court in your case.  You will need to make sure that your Case Number (i.e. 17 DR ____) appears on your certificate before you file it with Court.


Basic Colorado Court Forms, as developed by the Colorado State Judicial Branch, are available in both Microsoft Word® and Adobe Acrobat® (PDF)  formats.  Go to, choose Self-Help/Forms, and choose Family Cases.  Forms are available in Microsoft Word® or Portable Document Format (PDF).

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