Our Team

About Our Team

We believe that a team approach is the most effective method to handle each case.  Each member of our team plays an important role that fits into the overall plan to resolve each case.  All work is supervised by Jennifer Rice, but we utilize an efficient and cost effective system to distribute duties to the team member best equipped to perform a task at the least expense to the client.

Paralegal Stephanie Morita

Stephanie received her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Colorado. Prior to joining Rice Law Office, Stephanie worked as a legal assistant for Bringing Justice Home, a project of Crossroads Safehouse.

Receptionist (Old Town Executive Suites)

Our Receptionist is an employee of Old Town Executive Suites, who answers telephones, greets clients and receives and delivers packages for all the tenants in Old Town Executive Suites. The Receptionist will gladly transfer you to our voice mail if we are not available. The Receptionist is unable to take lengthy messages since she or he is answering fifty plus phone lines. We try to keep the Receptionist informed if we are expecting you or your documents. However, since the Receptionist is not our employee, she or he is not familiar with the specifics of your case.