Legal Services

Rice Law Office, P.C. offers excellent legal services, which include full service representation, unbundled legal services, and mediation. Please ask us which type of legal service may be right for you and your case.

Full Service Representation
This is what most people think of when they think of hiring an attorney. The attorney represents the client in all proceedings and aspects of the case. If you are represented by an attorney, the other side’s attorney is not permitted to communicate with you about the subject of the legal matter unless your lawyer consents or the attorney is authorized to do so by law. Full Service Representation is done at our hourly rate and regular retainer.

Unbundled Services
This is hiring an attorney to do a specific task. For example, you may hire an attorney to be a consultant or prepare a pleading or letter. The attorney will advise the client regarding his or her case, and may prepare some pleadings, but the attorney will not enter an appearance with the Court.  The attorney would also not usually communicate with the opposing attorney. Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure 11(b) require that the attorney disclose that they provided drafting assistance on any pleadings or papers that the attorney helped to prepare that are not standard forms approved by the Colorado State Judicial Branch. To the outside world, the client appears to be representing himself or herself, Pro Se (for one’s own behalf). The client is responsible for managing all deadlines, appearing in Court, and communicating with the other party. Unbundled Services are done at our hourly rate and a smaller retainer.

Mediation is a process assisted by a neutral third-party. Parties who participate in mediation can creatively craft solutions based upon their individual family’s needs. Mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to litigation. Jennifer can advise clients who are participating in mediation with another mediator.

In addition, Jennifer is a trained mediator. She and Linda Baum, Licensed Psychologist, offer mediation services and co-mediate together.  Please keep in mind that a mediator cannot give legal advice.  If you choose to use our services as mediator in your case, we would be operating as a neutral party in your case.  In that event, we would be happy to refer to other qualified attorneys who understand and support mediating to resolve conflicts to provide you with legal representation and/or legal advice.